Arrow Training: Stephen Amell’s Workout and How to Increase Accuracy

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By popular demand! This video explores Arrow’s training. That means the training that Stephen Amell did for the show to be able to pull off those awesome stunts and bodyweight moves (like the salmon ladder!). But it also means the training that Arrow might do were he real in order to improve aim and accuracy.

The TLDW version is that Stephen Amell trains predominantly using calisthenics, such as muscle ups, push ups, pull ups etc. When he does use weights, he still keeps it ‘functional’ by balancing at the same time or by choosing compound lifts. This gives him a strong, lean core and provides him with the strength-to-weight ratio and transferable power he needs to act like Oliver Queen. I recommend trying bouldering as a fantastic, similar workout, or building up to awesome bodyweight moves with progressions.

Amell also runs, does parkour and martial arts and eats a diet free from glucose, processed sugars and dairy. He does this as a way to keep blood sugar steady and to structure a healthy diet.

Of course the real life (?) Oliver Queen would also need to train accuracy to become the Green Arrow. He would do this by practising archery, as well as potentially using drills and mindfulness. I suggest that you might also be able to practice using VR!

Let me know what you think guys, I poured everything into this one! Check out the blog soon for the accompanying written piece with lots of additional detail.

Thanks and bye for now!

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