Celebrity Workout Review | Stephen Amell the Green Arrow | Elite Healers Massage Therapy NYC

Celebrity Workout Review | Stephen Amell the Green Arrow | Elite Healers Massage Therapy NYC – Ever wondered if you could do a celebrity workout and keep up with your favorite star? Well this new series one the Elite Healers Massage channel will begin to look at celebrity’s workouts and help you understand if that workout is for you. Today’s video we will look at Stephen Amell and how he trained to get in shape to play the Green Arrow on television.
This might not feature Stephen Amell Archery training or fight training but we look at Stephen Amell’s workout with his trainer Tom Taylor of T3 Athletics. Most of the footage we reference comes from 2016 and 2017 around the time they recorded Season 5 of Arrow.

~Stephen Amell’s Trainer Recording the Workout – https://youtu.be/j9mY_ympF1U

~Stephen Amell’s Trainer in the video – https://www.t3athletics.com/

~What is Sports Massage – https://youtu.be/zci7y5F4GJE

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~~~Time Stamps~~~
0:00 start
0:12 The theme for this series
2:06 Arrow-verse style Tribute Intro
2:57 About today’s celeb
5:00 The marketed workout
9:10 The YouTube Workouts
10:01 Stephen’s workout style
11:01 When the videos were recorded
11:20 Is it possible for everyone to do his workouts?
11:58 Advice for the new person
12:40 Stephen Amell’s HIIT exercise move
15:08 Reference point exercises
16:39 How to support this channel & get extra videos & merch
16:56 Stephen and his trainer’s unique exercise, The Double Nickel
17:56 Long Training Days
18:22 Recovery tips for Stephen Amell, Oliver Queen and you

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