Corey Calliet Michael B. Jordan’s Trainer on CREED 2

MUSE TV Michael Sandoval was at the Trinity Boxing Gym to talk with celebrity trainer Corey Calliet. Calliet has trained Michael B. Jordan for CREED, Black Panther and now CREED II.

Celebrity Trainer, Body Transformation Specialist, and TV Personality, Corey Calliet, has built an unparalleled rapport within the entertainment industry since arriving in Los Angeles in 2014.

With over 10 years of experience in sculpting and transforming physiques, Corey formulates and implements techniques catered to the specific goals and needs of each of his clients. Best known for his work in transforming Michael B. Jordan for his lead role as Adonis Creed in the movie Creed, Corey possesses the expertise and professionalism needed to successfully meet demands and sculpt physiques for the big screen, while coaching his clients to fully embody the characters they play.

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