Henry Cavill In Motion- Working Out & Actions Scenes

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Henry Cavill — In Motion. Henry Cavill strengthening his body and practicing behind the scenes for Immortals (2011) and also various behind-the-scenes and action scenes from Showtime’s The Tudors (2007-10), the movie The Cold Light of Day (2012), and Man of Steel (2013). ~Lisa

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Music: I Still Have A Soul by Gabriel Shadid & Tobias Marberger from the album Epic Score – Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 4 – ES011 (2009)

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Workout Help for the 50 and Older Crowd

“Twenty somethings” can place their bodies through heck. They can raise heavy weights everyday, train to failing, use bad kind, eat like crap and still make gains. As well as amazingly they do not appear to ever hurt themselves. The body is an outstanding microorganism. It adjusts, strengthens, grows, survives extreme conditions and adapts itself to the difficulties placed upon it. Unfortunately, our bodies age. And also as they do, their ability to strengthen, adjust and grow reduces.

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