Here’s How Michael B. Jordan Transformed His Body For Creed 2

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Creed 2 has stormed to the big screen with rave reviews and is sure to please fans of both the Rocky franchise and the first Creed film, which was directed by Black Panther director Ryan Coogler. This time around Steven Caple Jr. is behind the camera directing the film, but it’s Michael B. Jordan who is the star of this film. He knew he had to step his game up for the role as he faces off against Ivan Drago’s son in Creed 2 and we all know that there’s some bad blood between the Creeds and the Dragos. It’s going to take some serious training-which is exactly what Jordan did to get into shape for the film. Jordan is already a dedicated actor, stepping into his characters and willing to go through intense workouts just to be believable on screen, that was evident when he portrayed Killmonger in Black Panther. But for Creed 2, he had to outdo what he did in Creed 1, which meant a lot more working out. Arms, shoulders and chest were important to focus on as, like all boxers, he had to fight topless, so he worked hard to have the best physique possible to show off. But wasn’t all about just pumping iron at the gym. There was a mentality behind his workout that stems from his name, what it was like growing up with that responsibility and how his lack of struggle growing up actually made it harder for him to feel like he’s earned his way. Since he’s playing a famous boxer on the big screen, Jordan also had to make sure his cardio game was at the peak point in order to believably fight against a real boxer on screen. The final piece of the puzzle is, of course, a boring but healthy diet that’s high in protein. So, are you going to try the Michael B. Jordan workout??

Script by Sean Gallagher

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