How Can I Look Like Brad Pitt in Fight Club?

Aaron Sager from SagerTrain ( ) discusses the touchy topic of GENETICS, and how they play a role in your body shape. Be realistic about what your genetic strengths and limitations are!

The Important Of Range Of Motion In Weight Lifting

Individual instructor Llanelli Jamie Stedman speaks about approaches to improve your training outcomes. Range of activity has a large influence on your muscular tissue building capacity.

5 Ways to Workout at Work Without Anyone Noticing

Find out five amazing methods to get a workout at the office without any individual understanding! These 5 workouts will enhance your core, legs and also even get you some cardio.

When Is The Best Time To Exercise?

Individual trainer in Llanelli Jamie Stedman goes over when one of the most efficient time of day to train is. See if you concur.

Get Fit In Five Minutes

Personal fitness instructor llanelli Jamie Stedman gives you 10 5 minute exercises you can do when you remain in a thrill. These exercises are easy to do but extremely reliable.

My Outdoor Gym

Doesn’t the weather condition make you really feel a lot better when it’s nice? Every person simply appears a little bit better, the tensions they had don’t appear rather so bad when the sunlight is out.

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