How Chris Evans trained to become Captain America. Part 2 Captain America exercises and workout!


So as I mentioned in the last episode Chris Evans, had been training for a long time before he first played Captain America and while he did all the hard work himself he had two great trainers advising him. So in this episode we look at their training philosophies and how they helped Chris build the Captain America physique.

His first trainer was Steve Zim. Now he did some work with the buzz feed crew and here is the link to that video

Two of Steve’s exercises that I demo in this video one is the W shoulder and the other is the chest “C” sweep.

His second trainer and the one that got him ready for the famous pod revel scene is Simon Waterson his basic philosophy is that athletic performance should be the priority and the aesthetics will come from the increased athleticism. Simon had Chris do plyometric circuits before he started weight training everyday.

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