How Henry Cavill Got In Shape To Play Superman

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Henry Cavill’s good looks and strong voice make him a natural fit to play Superman, but getting into godlike shape to play the Last Son of Krypton is a superhuman feat in and of itself. How exactly did Cavill make himself faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive? Let’s find out…

Exclusive gym | 0:17
Pushing limits | 0:44
Strong foundation | 1:17
Catching Z’s | 1:53
The tailpipe | 2:18
Can’t skip cardio | 2:48
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu | 3:13
Chow down | 3:38
Strength of character | 4:10

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Sports Drinks Vs Water – The Ugly Truth

In the 21st century – promotions for power drinks are almost everywhere. You can no longer switch over on the television or flick open up a magazine without seeing an advert for these glorified remedies. It appears that these beverages are taking over the fitness world, and you only need to roam down to your local gym to see just exactly how prominent they are.

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