How to get a Body like Zac Efron: Diet & Workout SECRETS REVEALED!

How to get a Body like Zac Efron: Diet & Workout SECRETS

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Hey Heroes! In this video I go over how to get a body like Zac Efron and how he got into phenomenal shape over the years for his role in movies like “Neighbors” and “Baywatch.” Some sources say that he got as low as 5% body fat for his role in “Baywatch.”

Zac Efron Bodybuilding Diet:

1. Got on a meal plan with lots of restrictions
2. Did not eat carbs for 2 months
3. Stayed away from processed foods; ate mostly organic
4. Said that it’s very important to isolate where your food is coming from

Zac Efron Bodybuilding Workout:

1. Said he never trained harder than for his role in “Baywatch”
2. Over 5 years ago he trained mainly for size and trained with Navy Seals for his role as a Marine in the movie “The Lucky One.” He said that that kind of training really wore on him and caused injuries, so he really changed up the type of training he does
3. Zac is constantly modifying his workouts depending on his roles
4. He believes that the more you learn, the more your workouts start to change
5. His workouts for “Baywatch” included more plyometrics, isometrics, and cardio than past workouts
6. His workouts for “Baywatch” were divided into 3-day splits for which he would focus on a group of muscles on each of those days
-One day: Back and Biceps
-Another day: Legs
-Third day: Shoulder, Chest, and Arms
7. Utilized supersets (back-to-back exercises with no rest in between) throughout training
8. Performed exercises that required explosive-type movement to help him develop more speed and power

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