How To Get Ryan Reynolds Body | His EXACT Workout + Diet Plan!

★TIME STAMPERS BELOW! – Ryan Reynolds has a ripped and aesthetic physique. He has been able to maintain this shredded physique for Deadpool, Blade Trinity and most of his movies throughout this career. This is exactly how to get Ryan Reynolds Body!



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00:05 – Ryan Reynolds Physique – Upcoming Video Content
00:30 – Ask Me A question enough and i’ll make a video on it!
00:35 – Ripped Pictures of Ryan Reynolds (What you can get if you follow this)
01:00 – Why Ryan Reynolds body is realistic for anybody to achieve
01:48 – SuperHuman You Bumper – You aint got no gains!
02:45 – The Proper Caloric Deficit for Shredding
03:30 – The 5 sources of protein he ate
03:50 – The sources of Carbs He Ate! Top 2 carbs He ate!
04:30 – Why i hate GLUTEN and DAIRY
04:55 – SUPERHUMAN PRE WORKOUT – Want a Free Sample?
06:00 – Comment on Give-Away Post and get FREE ALPHA SHREDDER
06:30 – Ryan Reynolds Workout Plan
07:00 – Ryan Reynolds Workout split (6x per week)
08:00 – His EXACT Workout Plans
08:45 – Ryan Reynolds Keeps a workout journal, Do you?!
09:15 – Compound lifts + tracking = Success
09:40 – once per week – 6-12 rep range
10:00 – Kitty Gains is Back – VLOG Through Amsterdam to end the Video

How To Get Ryan Reynolds Body | His EXACT Workout + Diet Plan!

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