I Lived Like Mark Wahlberg for a Whole Day | High Protein Diet | 4am Workout

Today, I lived like Mark Wahlberg for a whole day which includes eating and training like him all day. This means a 2:30am wake up and a 4am workout. Mark, star of bodybuilding fanatic movie Pain and Gain, eats a ton of food throughout the day and has a great workout routine as no Mark Wahlberg workout is going to be easy. This schedule was absolutely awesome and emphasizes his dedication to his health, fitness, and family. His nutrition is solid (minus the ridiculous amount of turkey) and left me feeling energetic and ready each meal. This is what I eat in a day in the life of Mark Wahlberg, following his full day of eating and workout routine. If you enjoyed this video, please smash that like button and SUBSCRIBE for more content just like this!

Video inspiration by Will Tennyson as well as Jesse James West and Laurie Shaw who all had done this challenge as well (check out their videos below)!

Will Tennyson’s Video

Jesse James West’s Video

Laurie Shaw’s video

Mark Wahlberg’s diet

Mark Wahlberg and James Corden workout

Mark Wahlberg’s workout

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