I Trained Like Michael B Jordan for Creed 2 ft. Corey Calliet | Men’s Workout Routine

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Creed 2 inspired workout! Thank you @mrcalliet for the amazing tips! I’m ready for that role in Creed 3.
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Today we have special guest and celebrity trainer Corey Calliet, who worked with Michael B Jordan to get him into the best shape of his life for Creed 1 and 2. He’s going over some of his favorite exercises used to get Michael B Jordan into shape for Creed 2.

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Training like Michael B Jordan for Creed 2
Creed 2 Inspired Workout | Men’s Fitness
Best Workout Exercises Corey Calliet Creed Fitness

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Agility Fundamentals

What is dexterity? Exactly how can you boost as a train or a professional athlete? How is it ideal exercised?

Why Run?

For me the response came mid October 2012. A few weeks earlier whilst at an impressive occasion, including Anthony Robbins, I came to a verdict, that my physical fitness is really bad.

The Downhill Side of Life

People suggest that the downhill side is somehow much easier. That you can release a little when you are there and simply shore. That you don’t truly need to work to reach any kind of success on the downhill side. Well, I send that it is not much easier, you can not coastline, as well as in truth, true success on the downhill side takes far more emphasis and dedication than on any various other side of capital.

Is Jumping Rope Good for You?

The advantages of missing or jumping rope as well as exactly how it enhances your physical fitness and also conditions your physique. Skipping exercise targets as well as how it can be introduced easily in to your hectic means of living, unlike a fitness center subscription.

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