Infinity War – Captain America Bodyweight Workout Routine

***DISCLAIMER*** This is not the exact workout Chris Evans followed but it is my version of what it takes to become Captain America.

Train Like Chris Evans with my Captain America Inspired Workout. Being Captain America requires you to have Strength, Speed, and Skilled. In this video I am going to share with you four exercises to help you get stronger. One exercise to help you build endurance, and a few movements to help you learn some skills.

– Chin ups (slow and controlled) 30-45 sec 3-5 sets
– Pike Press 5-10 reps 3-5 sets
– Dips 5-10 reps 3-5 sets
– Tuck holds 10-30 sec holds or Knee raises
– Running in Place 30-60 sec 3-5 sets
– Practice Cartwheels or Aerials for 10-15 mins

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