Kumail Nanjiani undergoes radical body transformation l GMA

The actor got his body into superhero shape for his role in Marvel’s “The Eternals.” Dr. Jennifer Ashton will talk about the change and potential long-term effects.
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The Downsides of Cardio: Why Excessive Aerobic Exercise May Not Be Beneficial

There is no question that some amount of cardio exercise is useful for your health and wellness. Nevertheless, just like all great points there are particular downsides. Did you know that way too much cardio workout can create severe health issue? Before you begin your routine, you must think about the potential problems and work to minimize them.

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Myths About Cardio and Aerobic Training

Among the boundless variety of Internet sites, supposed health and fitness masters, exercise videos as well as everyday propaganda are misconceptions regarding cardio and also cardio training which have actually swamped the individual workout landscape. Several sites and medical professional offices sell pills that claim to guarantee results while still various other self-proclaimed health and fitness experts and celebrities alike recommend exercises that declare to burn the pounds. Let’s take a better check out the key misconceptions – and also equivalent realities – that have actually been circling concerning cardio workouts as well as cardio fat-burning.

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