Mark Wahlberg 4am workout club | Day in the Life in my Home Gym

Joined the 4am workout club. This is one tough challenge. Who in their right mind workouts at 4am. Well I attempted to follow Mark Wahlberg’s schedule for 14 hours. Fitness test done in my Home Gym. For todays workout I decided to attempt the Mark Wahlberg routine! As College athletes we always need to try to find ways to push ourselves and this insane fitness routine by Mark Wahlberg is the perfect way to do that! The Mark Wahlberg routine challenge I first saw on an episode of James Corden.

I attempted Mark Wahlberg’s 4am workout without any practice. Mark Wahlberg says he gets up at 2:30am every single day and goes to bed at 7:30pm. He also enjoys 8 meals throughout his day!

Let me know if you have ever attempted the Mark Wahlberg challenge!

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