Mark Wahlberg Has Gone TOO FAR With This – [COACH REACTS]

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Actor and Celebrity Mark Wahlberg starves his clients for weight loss.

This reaction was done in reference to a video from @More Plates More Dates and it’s highly recommended that you check out his video as well. He does a very detailed breakdown of Mark’s Pre-Workout supplement.

Let’s check out a brief overview of intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting can be done in different protocols. Essentially, you skip some of the meals to engage in a „fast“.

The research for intermittent fasting is quite interesting.

It looks like IF is providing some benefits such as:

– cellular turnover and repair

– fat burning

– appetite control (INSERT GRAPHIC)

It’s still inconclusive however and there are 2 main reasons for this.

First – Almost all controlled calorie studies show improvements of health and body composition markers, especially when body weight and body fat are lost in the process.

Second – Most of the research to date has been done using animal models.

Before we dive into the reaction, please consider the two following statements:

1. Two days of fasting per week, bad. Increasing to two separate fasting days, even with all the extra calories to compensate, was just too much for me to handle.

– Dr. John Berardi; founder of Precision Nutrition

2. If some is good, more is not better. Remember that fasting is a physiological stress. Keep it short, manageable, and intermittent.

Whether it’s total training time or intensity, overdoing it combined with fasting is a very, very bad idea. My experimental findings were painfully clear: Don’t do this.

– Dr. Krista Scott-Dixon, Precision Nutrition’s director of curriculum

These two folks are highly trained professionals and dieters.

They run the world’s most sought after company for nutrition coaching and certifiaction called “Precision Nutrition”.

If we put these statements in perspective to what Mark Wahlberg (and his Doc) is doing to his clients, you can’t help but shake your head in disappointment..


– MPMD Video:

– All About Intermittent Fasting by PN:

– Current research on IF:


00:00 – Intro & Outline
01:00 – IF: Brief Overview & Research
02:54 – Reaction
12:27 – Final Verdict & Closing Comments
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