Mark Wahlberg’s daily routine tested and outlived (FELIX TV Ep. #13)

I believe Markymarks crazy schedule was hyped up somewhere in the beginning of 2019, but since yours truly wasn’t making videos back then I figured I’d revive this trend and try it out myself. Including the 2:30am wake up that I think I enjoyed a little more than James Corden…

The schedule:
2:30 a.m. wake up
2:45 a.m. prayer time
3:15 a.m. breakfast
3:40-5:15 a.m. workout
5:30 a.m. post-workout meal
6 a.m. shower
7:30 a.m. golf
8 a.m. snack
9:30 a.m. cryo chamber recovery
10:30 a.m. snack
11 a.m. family time/meetings/work calls
1 p.m. lunch
2 p.m. meetings/work calls
3 p.m. pick up kids from school
3:30 p.m. snack
4 p.m. workout No. 2
5 p.m. shower
5:30 p.m. dinner/family time
7:30 p.m. bedtime

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