Dein 8 Wochen Kämpfer-Programm: https://iamstronger.de/product/fighting-fit/

Der perfekte Fitnessplan für den Einstieg neben deiner Kampfsportart. Das Fighting Fit 8 Wochen Programm optimiert deinen Körper zu mehr Leistung in deiner Kampfsportart.

Wir bauen die Kraft & Muskulatur auf, die du für deine Kampfsportart brauchst. Du wirst Verletzungen keine Chance mehr geben. Deine Muskulatur, um deinen Gelenken herum wird gestärkt & strapazierfähiger durch Stabilitäts- & komplexen Kraftübungen.

Wir verbessern zusätzlich deine Muskelkondition, sowie deine Grundausdauer. Die Kombination aus Krafttraining mit Kurz- & Langhantel sowie Übungen mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht stärken nicht nur deine Beine und Oberkörper sondern auch gezielt deine Körpermitte und führen zu mehr Stabilität in deiner Kampfsportart.

Du wirst in wenigen Wochen in Topform kommen.
Worauf wartest du? Fighting Fit ist bereit!

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Bodyweight Training Builds the Mind and Body

In some cases I plan my workouts occasionally they just happen, depending upon the type of time I have. So for the last 3 days I have done 5,500 bodyweight representatives Tuesday 2,500 bodyweight crouches, Wednesday 1,000 cargo band (Atlas Design) pushups as well as Thursday 2,000 bench dips. The guidelines I use on myself for the last 3 days was drink water as well as eat nothing all the time while I functioned and also not up until I finished the variety of associates I establish for the day.

Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

Elbow injuries are really typical, specifically in the summertime when people are playing much more golf as well as racquet sporting activities. In this write-up two really typical arm joint conditions; Tennis and also Golf enthusiast’s Elbow joint. We will discuss what these conditions are, what’s going on in the body as well as how you can stop them from happening as well as what to do if you are already experiencing discomfort.

Top Secret for Sustaining a Fitness Habit

Functioning out at the fitness center is great but relying upon it is not. Learn the supersecret to sustaining a long-lasting physical fitness habit and various other handy suggestions.

Things to Consider When Adding Squats to Your Training

There are two points that we support with stamina training, and those are that they develop useful stamina and they are not done with equipments whenever possible. This is why squats are an exercise that must be part of every regimen. Yet they have the credibility of causing injury, so you should understand a few things before you start, particularly if you are new to working out.

Introduction to the P90X Routine, How To Achieve Extreme Fitness

P90X stands ready to bring you up to the next rate of physical fitness and also beyond. When you have actually done P90X you will be able to run with the fittest people around. P90X will certainly bring enduring adjustment to your life and health and fitness.

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