Realistic Physiques to achieve Naturally, within 3 years (Ft. Brad Pitt, Ronaldo, and more…)

In this video I’d like to present to you what realistic expectations are for someone to achieve in about 3-4 years, without using drugs and without being extremely gifted.
Many people ask the question: ‘Can I look like this guy without using steroids?’
As you’ll see in this video, that’s often not the best question to ask.

0:00 – Intro:
1:00 – Why asking the question ‘Can I look like this guy’ – is not the best question to ask
1:20 – What makes us think that someone has a great physique
2:30 – Discussions about individual genetics, muscle insertions, proportions, etc
6:10 – How long it takes to develop most of your physique
The examples:
8:45 -Brad Pitt from fight club
10:00 – Brad pitt in Troy
11:20 – Cristiano Ronaldo
12:55 – Eric Helms
14:42 – Jeff Cavaliere
15:24 – Two other guys (don’t know who they are)
16:45 – Menno Henselmans
18:20 – Mario Tomic
19:10 – Alberto Nunez
20:16 – Jeff Alberts
21:00 – Jared Feather
22:30 – Radu Antoniu
23:22 – Myself (Abel)
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