Ryan Reynolds Workout:DEADPOOL|Green Lantern|Blade Trinity Workout

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Ryan Reynolds DEADPOOL Workout 2015

Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Shoulders
Wednesday: Chest
Thursday: Back
Friday: Legs
Saturday: Shoulders
Sunday: Rest

Ever wondered how Ryan Reynolds transformed his lean body into a ripped masterpiece for his roles in Blade Trinity, X-Men Origins:Wolverine and the upcoming Green Lantern movie? Well, we will uncover the Ryan Reynolds workout program and diet so that you can be a lean, mean and green fighting machine just like him.
Ryan Reynolds Workout Program

Ryan Reynolds used a split workout routine, focusing on just one body part per day, lifting heavy weights in the 8-12 rep range. His workout sessions lasted for 2-3 hours daily and he starts off every session with sit-ups.Here is the Ryan Reynolds workout by his personal trainer Bobby Strom……………………………………

http://amzn.to/1eZk8NT -Watch The Full Deadpool Workout Video Here

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