Transform Your Body The Exact Same Way Michael B Jordan of Black Panther did

Is it really possible to transform your body in just 90 days?


Hey it’s Corey Calliet, Black Panther’s Michael B Jordan’s Physique and Nutrition Coach.

And just like what I did for Michael B. Jordan and countless celebrities… I want to do for you.

Listen, big time movie star or not. We all deserve to get that lean athletic body that will further our careers, improve our health, social life, and most importantly give you the confidence and self love you need.

I’ve broken down the exact foods, meal plans, workouts, and even the mental mindset you need to succeed… and to do it all in 90 days or less.

Go to to start transforming your body.

Bottom line is, my celebrity clients all have movie deadlines to meet, and their body has to be in perfect shape by that exact time or they’re out!

And even though you may not be starring in a movie or music video like my clients… you’ve prolly still set a deadline for yourself. Which is the perfect first step in transforming your body.

And like I’ve always said… Commitment, Motivation, Drive, and being Consistent is free.

And what else is free, is my training video showing you exactly what my most successful clients did to get in shape in just 90 days.

So go to my website and check out what you need to do next to start your transformation.

Go to right now.

-Corey Calliet


Now when I first met Michael B. Jordan, I instantly knew he was a great actor with unlimited talent and charisma. However due to his smaller frame, and lack of muscle and definition, he was getting pass up on most of the lead acting role in motion picture films he was truly interested in.

However once Michael B Jordan dedicated himself to my training mindset, diet and workout plan, I was able to transform his body in 90 days and really helped him get the lead role in Fantastic 4 as Human Torch.

Then after that – we upgraded his training and physique further and landed him the Creed role with Syvester Stallon, then Killmonger for Black Panther and the rest is history.

So if you are stuck in a hard place, and your not where you want to be… Changing and transforming your body, can help reset your mind and guide you to become even more motivated in life, new outlook in your relationship, and even your career. It a full 360 connection.

But it all starts with taking the right action.

Remember, Motivation, Drive, Constantly, and the will to take action is free – Anyone can do this… and it Only takes 90 Days!

Do you have 90 days… YES YOU DO!

So go and let me help you just like I did with my friends and clients:

Go to and watch my free training video and transform to an even better you now.

-Corey Calliet

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