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Zac Efron has been the focus of fitness for his Baywatch body transformation. In this video, I’m going to show you his exact chest workout as well as the shoulders and triceps exercises he does as part of push day. Instead of simply regurgitating what has been published in Men’s Fitness Magazine as his official workout, I thought you would get more out of this if I broke down the chest workout exercise by exercise and gave my commentary of what I feel is good and what could be improved.

To start, it is obvious to see that Zac trained in a push, pull, leg format. The benefit to this type of workout scheme is that it allows you to train muscles that prefer to work together on the same day while allowing for more recovery time of those muscles on off days. The problem comes when the exercise selection isn’t optimal since you don’t get an opportunity to accumulate much volume over the course of a week or training cycle.

As you can see in this particular push workout, the triceps are greatly undertrained. There is only one direct tricep exercise performed in the entire workout. Even more, the one that is chosen to work the triceps is not the best exercise you can do for developing the back of your arms. There is also an unexplained biceps exercise in this workout as well. I’ll show you what belongs here instead.

Beyond that, I make twelve observations about the particular chest exercises chosen and the sequence in which they are performed. Some of them are done in superset fashion with another chest exercise while others are done with a shoulder exercise. When pushups are the choice and they follow a bench press variation, I actually think that is ideal. The pushup gives you a natural mechanical dropset option that lets you take a muscle that has been trained to failure, through failure to increase the intensity even more.

Zac does this in many of his exercise pairings including using the very explosive BOSU plyo pushup on the tail end of one of his chest pressing combos. That said, there are certain chest exercises that are probably best left out of this workout for reasons I explain in depth. The bottom line is, there is no denying that Zac has built a very impressive chest. I did an entire video in the past where I discussed the aspects of his training and diet that are very recognizable as ATHLEAN-X in nature. I also addressed the major gripe of his critics that this transformation was somehow unobtainable without assistance.

Whatever your feelings on that, there is no denying that with the right sequence of chest exercises and a commitment to high effort, it is possible to dramatically change your physique. The ATHLEAN-X program is a workout that is designed to get you training like an athlete to build your body as quickly as naturally possible while respecting the health of your joints and muscles in the process. As a physical therapist, I take great pride in getting results for top athletes that you now can achieve as well. You can get the program at and start training like an athlete today.

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